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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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test, test, test, test, test >> good afternoon and welcome to the personnel committee of the committee i'm john. joined to my left by commissioner cohen and to my right mar. i'd like to thank our staff sworn testimony for their work. madam clerk do you have any announcements to share and
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approve the minutes of the next item >> okay colleagues any comments? why don't we go to as you all know the administration code stips that we appoint the executive and
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we're responsible for the hooifrg and firing of the executive demeanor. now the executive job duties includes the 7 responsibilities that including hiring and firing of the transportation authority. what as you also know the authorities had 4 executive directors since it's i think acceptance. since 1989 we'll have four executive directors and none of those were appointed through an executive search are is authority back then was very small and while now the authority is at a 32 kufbl positions. going forward on page 10 of your packet you have attachment one.
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the congestion management for san francisco. the county manager for transportation for clean air and our naivety is the administrator for the fee >> just curious which of those roles are new from the last time, we went through the hiring of a new executive director. >> mainly to ask - i'd like to say that 3 of the 4 roles maybe - maria and executive director. >> if the sales tax director and the clean your role were established in 1989 and 1990 and 92. >> thank you. >> thank you maria.
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now on payment 11 you have the fiscal year adopted budget. this includes the high budget of expenditures and on page 12 you have the annual work program. it's a one hundred hearsay and $30 million fund. it goes through various agencies in the bay area. following that you have the authorities annual work program and i can see theizing of work to be completed for the year 2015. now these should be familiar to you, we brought those to the board in 2012. the corporate authority is that the management staff is filled
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with people who have high techal training and also have management skills. the executive director has the same skills as well, and is called upon to run the meeting and that you are the envelope to keep the plan within the bounds of their authority. he or she should be hands on and be well aware of all the projects that are on going. to preserver this court reporter culture the authority would like to bring upon a professional with proven oxygenal threateningly. there are no questions there are people who are qualified by the way, we're recommending that we still go out and hire an
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executive recruiter. so we can find the best fit person to take on this role and i would agree it's important to have that transparent. and it's important to have that authority in the city >> an page 29. >> can i ask a question? so many fong is final decision making personnel committee makes the recommendations or the recruiter will set up the process where the final decision is made? >> it will be the role of the committee the 3 of you to make the recommendation to the 11 member board. the recruiter would be here to
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assist you. on page 29 we have a tentative schedule. again, this is just what we think it would take to bring on the new executive director and our goal is july 1st >> yes, it don't understand how long it takes it make go faster or take a little bit of time. february 19th is today and i'm taking a recommendation on the process to hire the executive director. february 20th is tomorrow we plan on issuing a formal request. open march 6th we are expecting to proposals are due back and we're going to be forming a
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committee to evaluate those proposals like understanding the responsibility of the t a and the executive director position. the experience this staff has had with similar agencies. we're looking for the same kind of skills. we're looking to see how their management and technical approach is to see how the final candidates are being screened. now on march 8th we expect to begin the contract negotiations. the staff will be meeting with a recruiter to start off the recruitment.
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on march 18th we'll be meeting the selected are you - we'll be conducting the board meeting with the program chair and any other interested members. this is the point where i think we maybe taking a little bit more time to get things set on the collapsed. april 1st is the next personnel meeting and that's where this committee can provide input on the committee process. april 2nd the recruiter will finlize the recruitment
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materials. this is another point where we're be able to be more efficient. >> commissioner mar excuse me. >> i just said to ask if the c ac committee sizey committee or if there's any committee - will there be some level the transportation where other committee based groups to have any input in the process. >> it doesn't actually go before the c ac but we'll be trsz those positions anybody can come to these meeting and speak out. >> with my experience to hiring the superintendant of the
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schools especially, if their transportation directors that we're trying to steal from other areas that is really critical even meeting in secret places this is a respected - we're respecting their private. >> that's a good point i think we need to balance the process. one of the things we want this committee to comment on the goals and ofblgz but there's a certain item we can use in the discretion if you feel that if we're to interview other people out in the public we can do that >> thank you just a point for clarification. when you begin the interview
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process is anyone - will there be any part of this body that will be allowed to take part in the process? >> yeah. for the potential candidate. >> but also open to this committee and the staff. >> let me clarify the candidates from the short list is by this committee. so we can screen the top candidates. this committee then could conduct the interviews. those interviews would be private? >> yes speaking those would be in closed session for the specific candidate. >> thank you for the clarification. >> and continuing down the
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schedule we have after the full month recruitment we have another meeting on may 6th and may 13 to interview the top candidates and then on the may meeting we would bring the recommendation to the board to appoint a new executive director and hopefully it will happen on july 1st. questions about some of the process. so >> just looking at the timeline the time we have for making a decision on that it seemed like we have a - we're - could you describe that. >> we've already gone putting a list together. we have been using a human
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resources firm as well. we're going to look at the city database and we current have a list of 10 firms and we'll be sending out an r s p list to all of them >> and do we have experience with any of the firms. >> yes, they also provide executive rekrurment. >> thank you. thank you maria there's also other c m a that we've asked problems that have come up and so we can be sure we don't have the same issues during our
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rekrurment >>. we're right now in the process of the budget process and we've been combing through those to see if we have any budget available. we don't have to move too many things within the fiscal year >> and so that $50,000 we're using that for the recruit firm. >> exactly because it's within the executive directors process and we've got a feedback so we can contract people. >> and essentially we're not
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approving u approving the money but it's implymouth in our plans - >> like i said, i are providing any changes we can meet each month. there is time for you to meet and the timeline can be adjust. this is just an outline to put the picture out there >> thank you. anything else to add? to the presentation? >> can i just ask a historical question. how many we've never hired within justice out of curiosity >> correct me if i am wrong it's in the memo. so the first executive director
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we had was the mist for this register. the second executive director was carmen character who was a deputy with the authority at the time. there is to requirement commissioner in our administration code. i think at the time there was 5 to 8 executive employees at the time she has appointed. when she has appointed she brouthd on one of her deputies and he became her executive director. the only one that was different is that mr. nash resigned. at the time the board brought on a member who had been an employee of the t a and he's been here 11 years.
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it's a different oxygen we have got a formal recommendation and it makes sense. and in terms of recruiting department heads and in determining the progressions i think it makes a lot of sense we have a more robust staff and i think it's important we go through this process >> and it's important that we have monies identified for this process. >> and it would be helpful if you could provided us with a job description. i think i see a little bit of the background section in the memo. i don't know if you'd like to add anything to the executive
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director position >> this is what we're basing it off of. typically it's been the goals felt executive director that has been i am bedded in the executive program within the year >> yes. i be given that the executive director is the only employee who directly is hired by the board i think we should have a higher level of responsibilities. i think what happens during each year review this committee helps discussing what is executive directors respondents will be. the other chance for you to we in on that and i'm happy to cover this to the cutting-edge popping policy is that when you
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meet with the recruiter and are able to discuss in detail it's also important to give the potential candidates a sense of what you are looking for >> so there's knowledge out there we are looking for an executive director. have there been a lot of inquires that i can speak of? >> i sound like i'm talking in spy take; right? yeah. there have been a number of inquires and second there is the high caliber candidates want to keep everything quiet until they know they're the final candidate >> can i just add in besides the technical


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